Nature's Child Preschool


Nature’s Child is a Waldorf inspired preschool and childcare in Laramie, WY. For more information on enrollment and rates please contact or call 307-742-2222.

We believe that imaginative play and imitation are at the heart of the young child’s life. We foster this and try to allow each child to develop fully through this early stage of life. Stories, puppet plays, singing and hand-work with natural materials are at the heart of what we will be doing every day. The majority of the toys in the classroom are natural and open-ended to encourage imaginative play. It is also our goal to provide a home-like environment which is beautiful and comfortable for the child. For that reason our suites are mixed age so that children can interact as they would in a family setting with people of all ages.

Whole foods will be served whenever possible and children will be included in mealtime preparations daily. Children will also help to beautify the shared space and work cooperatively to accomplish daily tasks involved with caring for the animals, the suite, and the outdoor play areas.

Outdoor play and exploration of nature is an important part of the day for all children. We will be spending time outside every day unless the weather is extremely bad.

It is our goal to feed the body, spirit and mind of the children in our care.

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